Improved health outcomes for the majority of Ghanaians especially the underserved including the vulnerable.


Generate robust evidence about the role of NSAs in health provision to inform policies to ensure accountable governance in health to enhance strong and self-sustaining health systems.


  • Anyone or any group that is independent of the government

  • NGOs, the private sector, the media, persons living with TB and HIV, the donor community

  • Formed in September 2017 by Hope for Future Generations (HFFG),
    Clickgold Association, West African AIDS Foundation (WAAF), and
    SocioServe (SSG)


Hosting of the Third Annual Anglophone African Regional Conference

Over 100 participants form 24 English speaking African countries participated to take stock through sharing of experiences, tools and methodologies and promote dialogue which would inform policies and improve the programming of HIV , TB, Malaria and other health issues present in Africa.

Strengthened Collaboration with the National AIDS Control Program (NAC):

NSA-Ghana seeks to effectively collaborate with various programs in order to be well informed to effectively take on issues. Dr Stephen Ayisi Addo, the Programmes Manager of the National AIDS Control Program (NACP), held a series of meetings to discuss strengthening partnerships between CSOs and government agencies in achieving the 90-90-90 HIV/ AIDS target. These meetings were important for NSA-Ghana to get first- hand information on strides being made, but also where the gaps lie and the causes for these, so that NSA-Ghana is well equipped to enable it take on its advocacy role.

CSO Mapping: Exercise Development of the NSA-Ghana Charter

Ghana submitted its funding requests for HIV/TB and malaria in June 2017. As the Global Fund grants in Ghana include key components that are designated for implementation by civil society and community-based organizations (CSOs) a Community System Strengthening project was included in the funding request. Despite this component being recommended for grant making, there was the need for adjustment to showcase clear implementation strategies that would shoe value for money as well as impact. This called for the undertaking of strategic planning including mapping of CSOs. NSA-Ghana through the CCM sought for Technical Assistance to get a consultant who assisted in the mapping of about 50 organizations made up of CSOs, KAP, faith based organizations, youth groups, community traditional leaders and the media according to the strategic planning requirements. The consultant also assisted in the putting together of a CSS Strategy 2018 – 2020.

Consultative Meetings

NSA-Ghana consultative meetings are held every quarter to sensitize and update CSOs on the Global Fund architecture for better understanding as well as trending policy gaps and advocacy issues. Examples so far have been on the priority areas to be considered for inclusion in the Global Fund’s New Funding
request, CSO plan of action regarding Ghana’s co-financing obligation

which continue to lead to loss of donor funding, low performance of the government PR per the Global Funds performance rating and issues around inefficient data management which does not correctly inform programming but tarnishes the image of Ghana as a whole.

A WhatsApp platform has also been set up for active communication among members on issues of national concern in relation to our goal.

Development of the NSA-Ghana Charter

NSA-Ghana’s founding and key member organizations developed a charter for them through consultative meetings. The NSA-Ghana Charter outlined their vision, mission, goals, objectives, guiding principles, governance structure, membership, focus, and priority issues for advocacy and funding. The Charter is to be updated every two years.

Media Launch of NSAs Platform

On June 8, 2017, a media launch took place in Accra by NSA –Ghana that was attended by various stakeholders and representatives and partners nationwide. The purpose of the event was to officially launch the NSA-Ghana platform. The chief of Party of JSI, Dr. Henry Nagai officially launched the platform and mentioned what NSA-Ghana seeks to achieve which is effective monitoring of health programming to be well equipped with evidence that can inform advocacy.

NSA-Ghana Activities at Community Level

Participation in HIV and AIDS Zero discrimination day celebrations.
Media engagement on the first 100 days of President Akuffo- Addo
NSA meeting with Ministry of Health held at the Ghana CCM office where inputs were made into the National Health Policy
Participation in the TB Conference to abreast itself with progress in TB programming Participation in the Philanthropy Forum to honor committed community leaders Participation in International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) in December 2017
Contributed to an investigation involving expired ARVs which were subsequently


NSA-Ghana has engaged in media networks across the country. The issues discussed include the following:

  • Sustainable funding for health sector development
  • Health financing
  • Universal access to healthcare
  • Sanitation
  • Immunization services
  • Strengthening health and community systems


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