A coalition of non-state actors operating in the health sector in Ghana. This includes NGOs, media, traditional leaders, academic institutions, philanthropic foundations among other relevant bodies.

This platform is not a replacement for any existing networks but rather to serve as a very strong coordinating platform for advocacy to ensure that the desired change that society expects from the health sector is achieved. 



Improved health outcomes for the majority of Ghanaians especially the underserved including the vulnerable.



  • Generate robust evidence about the role of NSAs in health provision to inform policies to ensure accountable governance in health to enhance a strong and self – sustaining health system
  • Attain the empowerment to highlight and disseminate the evidence to support the formal recognition of the role of non – state actors


Overall Goal

To achieve a resilient and sustainable health system that delivers quality healthcare services to all in Ghana



  • To strengthen the capacity of NSAs to effectively advocate for accountable governance in health system at all levels
  • To address fragmentation and foster stronger partnership for improved accountability among NSAs
  • To undertake research to inform evidence-based advocacy
  • To develop a strong knowledge resource platform that supports evidence-based advocacy
  • To influence change in policy, service delivery and health financing


Guiding Principles

  • Endeavour to promote consensus among its members and speak with one voice on matters concerning it
  • Employ right-based approaches to advocacy
  • Uphold probity and accountability as standards of moral conduct and demand same of all stakeholders
  • Promote transparency, openness and fairness in its conduct and relationships with all stakeholders